Sloty casino review

Sloty casino review : is it a scam?

With this bonus sloty must be cheating – or not? In view of the countless online casino offers that have established themselves on the market in recent years, even experienced players can lose track of what’s going on. The result is questions like the one asked at the beginning. As a beginner, you do not want to entrust credit simply to someone. The test report on Sloty Casino allows only one conclusion: The offer has the license of an EU member state. With it at least the topic respectability might have settled. A casino test cannot be limited however only to it. Where is there a new customer bonus at Sloty? Which games does Sloty Casino offer its members? Our experience with Sloty, the editorial staff has poured into a test report – which should answer exactly these questions.

Range of casino games: Strong live dealer offer

Sloty casino review

How does Sloty compare to other casino providers? Whether the experience with Sloty Casino is positive or negative cannot be determined by just one area. The test must be about the whole package. For beginners and experienced players alike, the range of games on offer is obvious.

Here, the online casino provides you with a surprise. The game offer includes all elements that you expect from a high-quality offer. In addition to the now almost obligatory slots (slot machine games), Sloty offers a colorful mix:

  • video poker.
  • Roulette.
  • Baccarat.
  • Black Jack.

The individual gaming areas are covered by the provider by different variants – such as European or American Roulette.

Design & Performance: Good marks in the Sloty rating

There is actually not much to say about the design and layout of Sloty. The makers behind the online casino focus on a mix of clarity and functionality. This means that every element of the site can be accessed from the home page without having to torment yourself through endless menus.

Sloty casino review

To simplify navigation, all important elements are concentrated on the start page. However, Sloty has found ways to avoid losing clarity. The reference to the service area could have been a bit clearer. Even we only found it by chance. Everything in design and performance leave a serious impression. There is no reason to suspect fraud behind the experience with Sloty Casino.

  • Page design clearly arranged
  • Structure of the control elements functional

Mobile App: Play on the go with Instant Play

An advantage of Internet casinos is the possibility to play on the go. At Sloty you search in vain for a reference to the mobile app. Actually, we would have to award 0 points here. That the provider comes out better in the end is due to the instant play concept.

Instead of developing an app and always being dependent on the operating system – and the different hardware specifications – Sloty has developed a mobile version of the website. You can access the site from anywhere and can comfortably use the mobile offer.

  • Casino relies on Instant Play
  • Easy log-in on the road

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